What Do I Need To Send? 

Before sending any harnesses for your project, we have every customer fill out the

iWire Merge Spec Sheet. Please send us an email to sales@iwireservices.com to request this form as we do not post it on our website. 

What To Send

  • Include a Copy of your Invoice

  • Toys or Treats for the Dog

  • Tip Money

  • Funny Pictures or Memes

What Not To Send

  • Packing Peanuts!!!

  • Greasy Stuff a.k.a. Parts with Oil

Subaru Swap


You will need to send the bulkhead (body harness) from your car as well as the bulkhead (body harness) that matches the engine you plan on putting in. Please note that the harnesses will all unplug from the chassis, DO NOT CUT ANY WIRES!

There are 2 parts, please read both.

Not sure which harness is the body harness? Check out this blog post.

Part 1

The car that will be swapped 

Part 2

The engine that will go into the car that will be swapped. 

No donor harness required - buy one new from us!

No donor harness required - buy one new from us!

Factory Five 818 Build


You will need to send us the Factory Five parts listed below that are included in the kit you purchased. You will also need to send the body harness that matches the engine you plan to use. Please use Part 2 above for more specifics about what you need from each engine type. 

Headlights (New Front End)

If you have the new front end you will either have the 2 or the 4 plugs above. 1 set from the left and one set form the right. These are for the high and low beams.

LEDs for Accent and Turn Signals (New Front End)

Please verify there are 6 White Front Parking Lights (Part 80949) and 2 Amber Turn Signal Lights (Part 80948)

Headlights (Old Front End)

Taillight Plugs (All models)

Flasher Module and License Plate Lights (All Models)

Subaru Powered

Non Subaru Application


In order to build the harness we need the measurements from the ECU mounting point to the engine and we'll design you as close to a plug and play setup as we can. We will also need the body harness and ECU that matches the engine going into your non Subaru vehicle.