Subaru AVCS Wiring Kit for Intake Manifolds

This kit is designed to replicate the intake manifold wiring that comes with a JDM AVCS Engine. If you are missing the intake manifold from your engine purchase or if you are trying to put your USDM intake manifold on your JDM AVCS Engine, this is the kit for you! 


The iWire AVCS Intake Manifold Wiring Kit is built with shield wire to create the best connection possible and sleeved in Raychem DR-25 that can withstand the heat of the engine bay which means our AVCS harness is smaller, lighter, more flexible, and tougher than any other on the market.

Compatible Cars:
2002 EJ205 (USDM WRX)
2003 EJ205 (USDM WRX) 
2004 EJ205 (USDM WRX) 
2005 EJ205 (USDM WRX)

NOTE: These fitments apply to manual applications only. There are some differences in the auto setup between USDM and JDM models and we can't confirm all USDM auto transmission computers will work with all JDM ECUs. 

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Subaru AVCS Intake Manifold Wiring Kit