iWire Tech Guide for Basic Crimping

Here are the names and links to the tools used in this guide:

1. Match up the wire gauge with guide on tool.

2. Strip just enough to come a few millimeters from the outside edge of metal crimp.

3. Insert wire into crimp.

4. For this type of crimp either insulated or non-insulated guides can work. The only concern with the non-insulated section is puncturing the glue shrink sleeve but will result in a better and stronger crimp.

5. We went with the insulated guide on this crimp because it is higher quality tool and the end result will be plenty strong.

6. Pull test the crimp. It should stay in place even with moderate pulling. Be careful not to pull too hard because it will stress the joint

7. Shrink sleeve around crimp.

8. The shrink tube is fully recovered when you do not see any air bubbles and the glue comes slightly out of the bottom. After fully cooled redo pull test with moderate pressure.