Standalone ECU Projects

     We believe that the OEM Subaru ECU is the best choice for a majority of projects, however, there are situations when a standalone ECU is the appropriate option. Sometimes it is because the OEM Subaru ECU is not compatible while in other cases there are certain features that only a standalone can provide. 

     When iWire utilizes a standalone ECU we build the harness that comes from the ECU and goes to the main engine plugs from scratch (no donor harness that matches the new engine needed). From there we merge the harness we build into your stock harness to make it plug and play and have OEM fit & finish on a standalone ECU setup. All you have to do is install the harness and get your car tuned. 

How to Know if You Will Need a Stand Alone Ecu: 

6 Cylinder (H6) swaps

- CANBUS engine into Non CANBUS car (example: 2009 engine into 1993 chassis)

- Non tunable from factory cars (example: Old JDMs or Automatic Car ECUs)

- Non CANBUS engine into CANBUS car (example: 2002 WRX into 2010 Chassis)


If you aren't sure if your project will need an OEM or Stand Alone ECU - Contact Us!

Why We Utilize the Haltech ECU

We understand that this not the cheapest ECU on the market, but it is better to buy one ECU that will handle everything you need than to purchase a second ECU later down the road and have to rewire and retune everything.  We utilize the Haltech Elite series because it has enough inputs and outputs for the project and potential updates. It has the most user-friendly interface we have seen so if you end up changing settings you will really appreciate it. Add-ons like a wideband and digital dash are just a matter of plugging them in. The Elite has tons of support, not only from Haltech, but most tuners utilize it so no matter where you are you can get support.

Have a question about your build? Looking for custom work? Want to know more about pricing for your project?

Contact Us! 

Harness Pricing

$1999 - Brand new harness from Haltech ECU to main plugs coming off engine

$2000 - Haltech Elite 2500 ECU

Total Pricing - $3,999

We build the ECU to Engine section from scratch and merge it into the body harness you provide. We also provision leads so you can utilize all of the features of your Stand Alone ECU. 

Please keep in mind that more custom options can lead to higher pricing.

All of our Harnesses are Quality Checked before being shipped and are covered by our Lifetime Warranty. Click here for full warranty

Before iWire

After iWire

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