OEM Replacement White Coil Pack Plug for EJ turbo and EZ 6cyl Subaru models. Also great for EJ20G to modern coil pack conversions. Coil pack plugs break with wear and tear or just age. Purchase our repair kit or a pre-wired pigtail. This connector is the igntion coil on plug. No more having to zip tie broken coil plugs, you can buy the replacement from iWire. 


Compatible Cars:

2002-2010 WRX

2004-2010 STi

2005-2009 Legacy GT

2004-2010 Forester XT


Need help installing your connector? Check out our Youtube Video. 


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Need a Black Coil Pack Plug


Housing Only = Plug Only

Connector Kit = Plug, Terminals, and Seals

Pigtail = Plug with Wire to Wire Connection, Terminals, and Seals

Pigtail with Crimps = Our Pigtail Option with a Butt Connector Crimp per Wire for Easy Install

Subaru OEM Replacement White Front Coil Pack Connector

SKU: CN-PL03011