If you install a newer transmission that does not have a vehicle speed sensor built in you will need to get a speed signal to both the cluster and ECU and we recommend the VSS Pro to do this task.

The VSS Pro is designed to act as a digital signal processor that can measure the frequency of the ABS tone signal and convert it to a modern vehicle speed sensor signal. This allows the vehicle’s ECU and speedometer to accurately read the ABS signal.



1999-2007 - Impreza

1999-2008 - Forester

1999-2004 - Legacy

2003-2006 - Baja


Note: Only for Manual Cars. This is not an auto to manual conversion solution!


Note: If you have a pre 2007 chassis and a post 2008 transmission you will need a VSS Pro to get the speed sensor working


Our DCCDPro Products have a 60 day warranty from the date of purchase. 

VSSPro with iWire Plug and Play Kit for Subaru