Doing a 6 speed transmission swap? Check out our DCCD Controller Plug and Play Kit! A DCCD controller improves driving performance and extends the longeviety of your transmission. 


Doing a 5 speed to 6 speed transmission conversion? Than you'll want this adapter! Eliminate the need to hard wire or swap sensors around when doing a DCCD transmission swap! Just plug in our adapter to your matching bulkhead harness and the new DCCD transmission, then run the 3 wires from the Deutsch (Grey) connector to your DCCD controller if doing a DIY install. 


This model is for Turbo transmission (single 4 pin plug, for example 5 speed WRX) to DCCD equipped transmission with flying leads for DCCD wires. For NA transmission (2 by 2 pin plugs, for example RS) ) click here.


For more details on how to install your transmission adapter click here


If you want to learn more about DCCD click here.


Not the right adapter? Check out our NA to DCCD Transmission Adapter or NA to Turbo Transmission Adapter

Turbo Transmission to DCCD Transmission Adapter