This product is designed for customers who already have our Single Pump In-Tank FPC Hardwire Kit and are upgrading to a double pump kit using a Radium Hanger. If you need the full Double Pump Wiring Kit click here




iWire’s Fuel Pump Controller Hardwire Kit directs power to the fuel pump straight from the battery which creates the necessary flow from your upgraded fuel pump to feed big injectors. We also retain the very important safety shutoff present in the stock fuel system as well as the low, medium, and high settings utilized by the factory controller. We combine big power with safety to give you the ultimate Plug and Play result. Simply run the wires as described in our directions, mount the module, and take it to the dyno for your tune.


The Radium two pumps kits utilize the Radium Pressure switch to trigger the secondary pump when the extra fuel pressure is needed. You can purchase the Radium Pressure switch from iWire if you don't already have one, just select the option box "Radium Pressure Switch".


Normally a Radium Hanger install would involve cutting the original fuel tank hanger connector for the fuel level and fuel temp wiring. Our kit inlucdes a jumper for this so no cutting of the original harness required because a jumper from the stock fuel tank assembly connector is included. Just plug it into the factory fuel tank harness and bolt the ring terminals up to the Radium hanger.


While the iWire Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit can handle any pump size, we recommend using a fuel pump no larger than 340 LPH. Larger single pump setups can cause issues with the stock fuel pump controller. Click here to learn more. If you are running a 450+ LPH pump, we recommend adding on our upgraded Fuel Pump Controller that can handle the extra power.


Standard kit does not work with 2015+ WRX and 2014+ Forester – Contact Us for custom kit for these cars.



Installation or use of any iWire product by a user is at the user’s own risk. iWire accepts no liability for any damage to the car or individual. Modifying the fuel tank can be dangerous. iWire recommends that all products, especially those regarding the fuel system, be installed by a licensed professional. By purchasing this product, you accept these terms of sale.

Radium Double Pump Add-On Kit