APRIL 2021 UPDATE: Subaru is out of stock of the OEM Roller Switches until August. iWire highly recommends sourcing your own OEM switches with the transmission purchse if possible. We have standard switches that work with the DCCD Controller if you are unable to source OEM switches. 


Doing a 6 speed DCCD equipped transmission swap into your Subaru? Then you'll want this DCCDPro Spiider Controller! Make the install easy with our Plug and Play version as well as our full installation guide with pictures. 


Not sure which controller is right for you? Check out our DCCD Controller Buying Guide or Contact Us.


Note: If you have a pre 2007 chassis and a post 2008 transmission you will need a VSS Pro to get the speed sensor working. VSSPro Info Here.


Note: Only for Manual Cars. This is not an auto to manual conversion solution!


Note: A display CAN NOT be added at a later time if the "No Display" option is selected. The controller for the display is a different type of controller. 


Customer Reviews:

Max L. 

I just recently had your iWire Spiider DCCD controller installed on my WRX's 6 speed swap. So far the product is great and I'm really happy with how it all came out!


Eli W. 

Installed the dccd unit with your kit.  Was very easy and straight forward with the instructions you provided. 


Christopher F.

Thank you very much. The next time I hear anyone is doing the STI swap I will send them your way for the wiring and DCCD needs


Our DCCDPro Products have a 60 day warranty from the date of purchase. 


DCCDPro Spiider with iWire Plug and Play Kit for Subaru