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Why do I need a controller?

  • Longevity – The center differential was designed from the factory to utilize electronic inputs from a controller. Without them, the mechanical parts in the differential must work harder to make up for this lack of input, leading to more wear and tear.
  • Performance – The DCCDPro will help you corner faster, get through snow/ice/mud easier, and of course, make donuts effortless.
  • Dyno Tuning –  You may not be able to tune your car on a Dyanmometer (dyno) because they require all four wheels to spin at the same rate. The default setting of the center differential without a controller is to send more power to the rear wheels so it will cause an error.
  • Upgrade Over Stock - The DCCDPro comes with options to tune the controller to your needs as well as an additional input to utilize Left Foot Braking which the factory controller does not come with.


This DCCD controller constantly and frequently monitors the attached sensors, updating the DCCD output based on how the car is behaving in reaction to driver inputs. It features several adaptive firmware modes that it switches between on the fly. Without going into a detailed explanation of the firmware formulas, the system automatically switches between formula appropriate for “parking lot / highway cruise”, aggressive cornering”, “aggressive straight line”, and “stuck in snow/mud” based on what information it receives from the sensors.


It monitors the output level as well as the speed at which the various sensors change. For example it can differentiate between slow gradual throttle application vs. rapid throttle acceleration and respond accordingly.


The controller features both auto and direct manual control of the DCCD. When the led illuminated switch is pressed, this controller can manually control the output to DCCD from the control knob or STi thumbwheel.

DCCDPro Spiider Plus Controller

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