Not sure which controller is right for you? Check out our DCCD Controller Buying Guide.


DCCDPro installations for your Subaru made simple! Hunting under the dash for the right wire to tap or cobbling mismatched plugs together are a thing of the past. Using high quality materials and a modular design, iWire has created a virtually plug and play for the DCCDPro Manual Controller.  Just insert our adapters, tap one wire, and you're done!


Note: If you have a pre 2007 chassis and a post 2008 transmission you will need a VSS Pro to get the speed sensor working. VSSPro Info Here.


Note: Only for Manual Cars. This is not an auto to manual conversion solution!


Complete DCCD Plug and Play Kit includes:

-DCCDPro Manual Controller

-Transmission adapter (choose between NA or Turbo to DCCD)

-Sleeved DCCD controller to tranmission extension harness

-Modular DCCDPro controller for easy install/uninstall

-OEM plugs for OEM auto/manual button and roller switch

-Ebrake jumper harness

-Terminals for cluster output already installed

-T-tap for throttle position wire

-Full installation instructions with pictures. 


How to Install:

1. Plug in transmission adapter.

2. Run DCCD extension harness from controller to transmission.

3. Tap one wire at ECU for throttle position.

4. Ground ring terminal. 

5. Mount G sensor. 

6. Insert Ebrake jumper harness

7. If applicable, insert terminals into cluster harness.

8. Enjoy a lovely beverage because you're already done. 

(Click Here for our full DCCDPro Installation Guides)


For questions about DCCD check out our Product FAQ.


Vehicle Speed Sensor Extension Harnesses are now available from iWire! Find them here:

99-01 VSS Extension

02-07 VSS Extension 


Customer Reviews

Christopher F. November 2017

Thank you very much. The next time I here anyone is doing the STI swap I will send them your way for the wiring and DCCD needs.

Manual DCCDPro with iWire Plug and Play Harness for Subaru

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