Already purchased your DCCD Controller or installing a DCCD equipped trans but not wanting to purchase a controller yet? Purchase our Plug and Play Kit. This gives you the wiring needed for the upgraded DCCD equiped transmission while also giving you the wiring needed to prep for a DCCD Controller install later. 


Note: Only for Manual Cars. This is not an auto to manual conversion solution!


Complete DCCD Plug and Play Kit includes:

-Transmission adapter (choose between NA or Turbo to DCCD)

-DCCD Jumper Pigtail

-Sleeved DCCD controller to tranmission extension harness

-Ebrake jumper harness

-T-tap for throttle position wire

-6 Butt Connector Crimps

-Full installation instructions with pictures. 


Using the OEM Controls like Auto/Manual Button or Roller Switch? Buy the plug and pigtails for these here:

Auto/Manual Button Plug

Roller Switch Plug


How to Install:

1. Plug in transmission adapter.

2. Connect DCCD Jumper Pigtail to DCCD Controller

3. Run DCCD extension harness from transmission to future controller mounting position.

4. Tap one wire at ECU for throttle position.

5. Ground ring terminal. 

6. Mount G sensor. 

7. Insert Ebrake jumper harness.

8. Enjoy a lovely beverage because you're already done. 


Find full DCCD Controller Install Instructions Here

DCCD Controller Plug and Play - Wiring Only