USDM Active Valve Control System (AVCS) Solenoid or AVCS Actuator Sensor Plug for Subaru. This plug is also called the Intake Oil Flow Control Solenoid Valve or Exhaust Oil Flow Control Solenoid Valve listed as E37, E38, E66, or E63 in Subaru wiring diagrams. 


Plug also fits Subaru Lamp Assembly Turn SD (84401KJ001).


Looking to do something with your AVCS? Check out our AVCS Kits.


Housing Only = Plug Only

Connector Kit = Plug, Terminals, and Seals

Pigtail = Plug with Wire to Wire Connection, Terminals, and Seals

Pigtail with Crimps = Our Pigtail Option with a Butt Connector Crimp per Wire for Easy Install

USDM AVCS Solenoid Plug

SKU: CN-PL02009