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Wideband logging to your ECU made simple! A wideband O2 sensor (air/fuel meter) is required for any tune and we've made the install as easy as plugging it in. No wiring diagrams, crimping, soldering, or splicing here!


This product is great for e-tunes or dyno tunes and customers who are searching for a gauge display in their interior.


To install, just unplug the rear O2 connector in your car's engine bay and plug in our matching connector to the AEM Wideband in its place (cap provided for unused rear O2 harness plug). Mount the AEM Wideband unit in the engine bay. Run two small wires through the firewall and connect them to the gauge inside your car. Get your tune and you're happy and out the door.  


This product is compatible with the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit that utilizes the Rear O2 Sensor.


Guage size is 52mm.


Compatible Cars:

2002-2014 WRX

2004+ STi

2004-2013 Forester XT

(Legacy GT and Outback XT please contact us)


Full install video of our Wideband with Gauge can be found here - https://youtu.be/QRuCRuKLdG8


AEM Part Number 30-0300


Please Note: We cannot sell the plug and play wiring separately from the unit. We need the wideband unit in house to modify it to make it easier to install. 

AEM X-Series UEGO Wideband with iWire PnP Wiring Kit