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Which Subaru Engine Do I Have?

Updated: Jan 20

Which Subaru engine do I have? We know this seems like a silly question but a lot of engines are mislabeled and people sometimes purchase the incorrect engine for their project. We thought we would create a guide to distinguish which engines are which. Please note this is for EJ20 and EJ25 Turbo motors. Click here if you're looking for a replacement engine option.

Check out this video that goes over how to identify your motor plus some tips on what to do to the engine before installing it:

Once you've watched that video, here are some of the basics to look for on your engine. We recommend checking out these characteristics BEFORE purchasing an engine. (Click here for some other Subaru Do's and Dont's to know before you start your project).

Main Engine Characteristics:

  1. What displacement does it have - EJ20 or EJ25 (other displacements for Subaru exist but they are not covered in this blog. Ex: FA20 or EZ36)

  2. What type of throttle body does it have - Drive by Wire or Drive by Cable

  3. What type of AVCS does it have - None, Single, or Dual

  4. What type of Camshaft Position Sensors does it have - 2 wire or 3 wire

  5. What type of Iginition does it have - Coil Pack with Spark Plug Wires or Coil on Plug

  6. What type of manifold does it have - plastic or metal

Once you have those characteristics defined check out the charts below to see what engine you have. If your engine shares the same type of characteristics as another engine, the next step is to search the internet for a picture of both engines to verify which yours is.

Starred engines on the EJ20 Chart are from Phase 1 cars. Learn more about Phase 1 and Phase 2 Engines here.

Looking for iWire's recommendation for an "easy" engine swap? Check out this blog post.

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