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Subaru TGV Delete - Don't Cut Those Plugs!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Why would I delete my TGVs?

The Tumble Generator Valves or TGVs are closed while idling and open when throttle is applied. The time it takes to open and close can lead to delayed throttle response. Many companies sell replacement manifold runners that have the TGVs removed for better performance.

Don't cut those plugs!

Instead of just cutting off the plugs that went to the TGVs and leaving loose wires, it's better to cap the plugs.

This helps prevent corrosion of the wiring harness as well as open more possibilities in the future if you decide to use the TGV connectors for Cobb Features like Flex Fuel or data logging of additional sensors, not to mention going back to stock for various reasons.

Yes, a generous amount of electrical tape could be applied, but here at iWire we think there is a better option. We suggest capping the plug by purchasing a matching receptacle with cavity plugs in the empty slots. This allows for future expansion while still protecting the TGV plugs from moisture and corrosion, plus, it looks nice.

Purchase them here:

TGV Delete Cap for 2 Pin TGV

TGV Delete Cap for 3 Pin TGV

TGV Delete Cap for 5 Pin TGV

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