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iWireH6RS Build Specs

Updated: Sep 29

2021 Update - We have removed the 6 Cylinder and gone with a 2018 STi Engine to explore CANbus further. Videos for this can be found here. In this post we go over the details of everything iWire owner Brian has done to his iWireH6RS. It's a 2010 Tribeca EZ36R 6 cylinder swapped into a 1998 2.5 RS. Total time for this swap is a few years so we've had time to collect lots of fun goodies.

H6 Swap Details

These are the components we used to get the EZ36R running in the RS. I'm sure over time we will make adjustments and updates to this list.

Engine - 2010 Tribeca EZ36R

ECU - Haltech Elite 2500 ECU with AEM Wideband

Wiring - iWire custom wiring harness and iWire Battery Relocation kit with iWire Grounding Kit

Cooling - 2001-2004 Legacy radiator with cooling fans on the front so we could make room for AC condenser. (Yes, we retained the AC, have to keep the wife happy)

Fueling - Stock STi fuel pump and gas tank with Radium MPFR for return

Exhaust - Raptor headers to Invidia exhaust custom welded by Metro Performance of So Cal

Power steering with stock pump and custom lines

iWire Speed Density Kit

K&N intake filter direct to throttle body with AEM IAT sensor attached

Tune - Base Map and Initial Setup by Claudio at Tuning Technology and custom dyno tune by Travis at Snail Performance


2013 STi 6 speed with R180 rear differential

OS Giken clutch with lightweight flywheel (plan to change this due to lack of flywheel weight needed for the 6 cylinder engine)

IAG pitch stop mount

DCCD controller with iWire PnP Kit

VSS controller with iWire PnP Kit

RS Interior/Exterior Goodies

These are the components we've added to the RS over time for fun.


Zeal Coilovers

Prodrive GC05 17x8 Wheels 5x114.3

STi Brembos on all 4 corners

STi Aluminum Control Arms

Eibach Adjustable Rear Lateral Links


JDM Aluminum Hood with 22B Vents and MRT Hood Scoop

STi sports bumper with spats and mud guards

Antonenko Sports Bumper Lip

V6 Rear Bumper with Spats and Mud Guards

V6 Wing

JDM Power Folding Mirrors

JDM Rear Glass with Wiper

JDM Taillights


V7 JDM STi front seats

V2 JDM STi Tiger stripe rear seats

EDM 2006 STi gauge cluster

Stock RS Compass Pack

JDM STi V6 White/Pink DCCD Roller Switch

JDM Red Hazard Button

OEM carpet

LHD airbag delete

STi door sills

Defi Guages

gaugeART Haltech CAN Gauge

Alpine Single Din Stereo wiiithhhhh Bluetooth...niiice

Recovered Black door cards and head liner

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