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Updated: Jun 29

Looking to have iWire do a wiring harness merge for your project? Excellent! We're here to help but have a few steps before you send us any harnesses to ensure everything goes smoothly.

1. Contact Us – The first step is to contact us by phone or email to go over your project. We request to see photos of the engine, wiring harnesses, and ECU so we can verify everything will be as expected. Sometimes parts are mislabeled and we want to make sure everything will work together so there are no issues.

2. Pricing – Our is pricing based on the engine being utilized in the project. If you’re using the stock ECU that matches that engine the pricing is below. This pricing assumes that you have all parts needed for the merge and that the car came with an auto transmission. For auto to manual or auto to auto conversions, pricing varies. For stand alone ECU projects or engines going into a non Subaru chassis, please contact us directly since those are custom and the cost will reflect that.

JDM/EDM V1-6 (1993-2000) $700

JDM/EDM V7 and Up (2001+) $730

USDM WRX (2002-2005) $730

USDM WRX (2006-2007) $800

USDM STi (2004-2007) $800

Forester XT (2004-2008) $800

We can wire single AVCS engine that came out of CANBUS equipped cars like a 2005 Legacy GT, but they require additional steps. Please check out this link - https://www.iwireservices.com/post/single-avcs-canbus-equipped-engine-swap

For Dual AVCS and six cylinder engines please contact us for pricing.

*please note that that all above pricing is approximate. If you are adding in more wiring features like AVCS, gauge cluster swap, auto to manual conversion etc. the price will reflect the added features.

3. iWire Merge Spec SheetBefore sending us anything we ask that all merge customers complete the iWire Merge Spec Sheet. To get this link, please email us at sales@iwireservices.com. The spec sheet will give us the details needed like your address, the cars being put together, and any other wiring features you’d like to add. Once you fill out the spec sheet we will send you an invoice for the merge along with shipping information so that you can include a copy of the invoice in the box with the harness. We'll also request pictures of the new engine, bulkhead harness, and ECU so we can verify compatibility.

4. What To Send. Generally, you will send us the bulkhead (dash) harness from the chassis, the bulkhead (dash) harness that matches the engine, and the front harness from the car the new engine came out of. Finally you will send the Fuel Pump Controller Module assuming it's an 01+ engine. Here is a link to the full write up with pictures - https://www.iwireservices.com/what-do-i-need-to-send. Terminology for the different harness sections - https://www.iwireservices.com/single-post/Subaru-Wiring-Harnesses-Explained

5. Time FrameOnce your harness has arrived at iWire, we will schedule your project. Our standard turn around time is 4-6 weeks. You have the option to do a rush fee which gets the wiring merge complete within 1 week of the harnesses arriving (this does not include the time to ship the harness back). While you wait for your harness to be completed you can work on all of the mechanical aspects of the swap and then plug in the harness as the end.

6. Installation of Complete Harness – Once you get your harness back we have two options for instructions. We have our install guides which can be found on our tech docs page - https://www.iwireservices.com/install-tech-documents. We also have a full install video on our YouTube channel. For the commonly confused plugs we also have this blog post – https://www.iwireservices.com/post/iwire-merge-commonly-confused-plugs

7. Future Projects or UpgradesThe merge is just the first step. We have lots of off the shelf wiring kits for upgrades like Speed Density, DCCD Controller for 6 speed transmissions, Fuel Pump Hardwire Kits and much more. We’re always happy to make recommendations so please contact us if you have any questions in the future.

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