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Impreza Gauge Cluster Comparison

Updated: Jun 30

In this blog post we go over the differences between Impreza clusters. This post only implies to Impreza chassis and not other Subaru chassis.

Note about Forester and Legacy Model clusters: We have found them to be interchangeable between the different markets (JDM vs USDM) assuming they are the same generation. There are good resources for these clusters on the Forester and Legacy specific forums and Facebook Groups.

1993-1997 USDM

1993-1997 (V1-V3) JDM WRX and STi

Within markets (USDM or JDM) these clusters are interchangeable with each other (IE a 95 USDM cluster will work in a 93 USDM chassis). If a JDM cluster is desired in a USDM model, the harness must be modified to make it work.

Key Features

-Open Circuit Board on the back

-2 White Connector Slots

-Cable Driven Speedometer

-DCCD Display Options available

1998 USDM

1998 (V4) JDM

This cluster is very specific for the 98 model year. The shape is the same as the 1999-2001 models but the exposed circuit board on the back is the way to spot the difference. Like the V1-3 the 1998 clusters are not a direct swap between USDM and JDM so the wiring must be modified. Due to the 2 wire vehicle speed sensor, the 1998 can not easily be put in a 1999-2001 or vice versa.

Key Features

-Open Circuit Board on the Back

-3 White Connector Slots

-2 Wire Input Speedometer

-DCCD Options Available

1999-2001 USDM

1999-2000 (V5-V6) JDM

This group of clusters is the first time different markets became interchangeable so a 1999-2000 V5/6 JDM cluster is 100% plug and play with a USDM 1999-2001. We do not recommend using a 1998 cluster with this chassis due to the down grade in vehicle speed sensor going from 3 wire to 2 wire.

Key Features

-Covered Circuit Board on Back

-Green Connector Housings

-3 Wire Input Speedometer

-DCCD Options Available

2002-2007 USDM

2001-2006 (V7-V9) JDM

Much like the above models these clusters are essentially interchangeable with minor modifications. This is also a decent option to put in a 1998-2001 chassis since the fitment is reasonably close although there are some small gaps and the bezel must be tweaked to see the upper part. Pictures can be found here.

Key Features

-Covered Circuit Board on Back

-Green Connector Housings

-3 Wire Input Speedometer

-DCCD Options Available

Differences between models and years for this group.

2002-2004 WRX and 2004 USDM STi are very compatible other than a slight change to eliminate a stereo fuse blowing and a buzzing sound from the cluster. Cut B28 for the stereo fuse and C9 for the buzzer.

In 2005 WRX and STi models the ABS input switched to a "reverse circuit" so it uses a flipped signal compared to the 2002-2004 models. There are a number of fixes for this issue when putting a 2005-2007 WRX or STi cluster in a 2002-2004 WRX or STi. If nothing is done the light will start off and then turn on.

2005-2007 STi models have a different plug for the A (or C depending on which diagram) but this can either be swapped with the correct connector found here and we also have a video to show you how to depin it. It also can be modified to work by lining up the cluster with main push tab and shaving the ribs so the grooves match. The first column is not used for either application so leaving them open is not an issue.

2004-2007 STi models have a rear differential temperature warning light. You can simply ground the wire to turn the light off. Here is a good resource for this.

Illumination WRX vs. STi. The WRX uses an incandescent bulb while the STi uses LEDs so the dimmer circuit works differently between these two bulb types. Generally people will just leave it alone when putting a STi cluster in a WRX and the result is full brightness all of the time. Some models of STi cluster have a manual dimmer adjustment by using the trip meter knob on the cluster. Most JDM clusters use incandescent bulbs but some of the later models of this generation switch to LED like our USDM STi models. This also makes JDM WRX and STi models very compatible with USDM 02-07 WRX.

Outside Air Temperature (OAT). This is found on STi and JDM models along with a few premium WRX models. This feature can be added manually as well for those who do not have it.

2008+ WRX and STi

With the development of the CANbus wiring system the cluster became part of the immobilizer circuit which makes swapping clusters very difficult. For those looking to run a STi cluster in a WRX, the problem is compounded by lack of CANbus inputs from the WRX chassis to the STi cluster. Even if the immobilizer problem is solved there would be a number of dash lights on and features that would not work including DCCD.

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