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Fuel Tanks and Your 93-01 Chassis Turbo Swap

This blog post is about which fuel system parts should be used for a turbo engine swap into a 93-01 chassis and why your fuel system choice matters.

Most Common Solution - Leave the fuel tank that came with the car in place and just swap the pump into the original hanger.

The reason for this is that the fuel level grounding system is different between 02+ models and older models. If a 02+ hanger is swapped in the fuel level will not work because it requires a separate ground for the fuel level whereas the older models share the ground between fuel level and fuel temp.

The Fix For Fuel Level Not Working With Newer Hanger

The wire for pin 2 is installed in the gas tank sub harness, but it does not go anywhere after the gas tank sub harness so the fix would be to ground pin 2.

What about swapping the entire tank? This would be something to consider if you have

- 2WD gas tank and are switching to AWD at the time of the swap

- Gas tank without any emissions equipment

- Swapping an engine where the ECU is looking for the "Fuel Tank Sensor Control Valve" that does not exists on models 2002 and older.

Issues When Swapping the Entire Tank

- The wiring from the gas tank sub harness (part on the tank) will not match up to the rear harness so this will need to be spliced to work properly.

- Fuel Level issue as described above. Make sure that pin 2 has ground as part of wiring up the connector to the body

P1446 code and Emissions Testing/BAR

This codes relates to the "Fuel Tank Sensor Control Valve" that does not exist on models from 2002 and older. To properly solve this issue, the gas tank must be swapped so that this sensor is attached to the tank and wired up to function properly. All applicable harnesses that we merge include this wire so that it can be added in when the tank is swapped. There are potentially other solutions to this problem, but we can't comment on them.

Note about 06 + Non Turbo Chassis

These models do not come with a return line from the factory. If you install a turbo engine in one of these chassis the fuel tank hanger (not the entire tank) much be replaced so that the return line can be manually added in during the swap. There are a number of ways to get the line from the front to back so we suggest contacting your local swap with help on this.

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