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Subaru ECU Plugs

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

In this plug spotlight we talk about ECU Plugs for Subaru cars. These plugs can be hard to distinguish from each other because they are all very similar but the best way to determine what plug you need is by the number of terminal slots.

iWire carries a few of the Subaru ECU Plugs and Terminals for our customers. We also sell just the ECU terminals for these plugs in case any of the terminals are corroded or broken. We recommend using wiring diagrams to ensure your ECU gets the correct signals it needs from the proper sensors.

Below are the connectors we have currently with more coming in stock soon.


Plug A - 22 Terminals Slots

Plug B - 28 Terminal Slots

Plug C - 17 Terminal Slots

Subaru ECU Plug for 2.0 WRX

Plug D - 24 Terminal Slots

Subaru ECU Connector for 2.0 WRX

Plug E - 31 Terminal Slots

Subaru ECU Wiring


Plug A - 34 Terminal Slots

ECU Wiring for Subaru

Plug B - 35 Terminal Slots

ECU Wiring for Subaru

Plug C - 35 Terminal Slots

Plug D - 31 Terminal Slots

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