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Subaru Drive By Wire vs Cable Throttle

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

One of the most common questions we receive at iWire is "Is my engine Drive by Wire or Cable Throttle," so we've decided to post the definitive list! This list is also useful if you are looking into an engine swap so you can confirm which setup your new engine has.

What is it?

Cable Throttle - If your car is cable throttle that means there is a mechanical cable that runs direct from the pedal to the throttle body to open (to accelerate) and close it (to slow down).

Drive by Wire (DBW) - If your car is DBW that means there are electrical wires that connect the pedal to the throttle body via the engine computer (ECU) so when you push the accelerator pedal the ECU interprets the signal and tells the throttle body to open or close.

Which Cars Are Cable Throttle?

Baja Non Turbo - All model years

Forester Non Turbo - 2004 and older

Forester XT Non Turbo - 2003 and older

Legacy GT Non Turbo - 2004 and older

Legacy Non Turbo - 2004 and older

Subaru Impreza Non Turbo - 2004 and older

USDM STi - 2003 and older

USDM WRX - 2005 and older

JDM WRX and STi - 2006 and older

Which Cars Are Drive By Wire?

Baja Non Turbo - None

Baja Turbo - 2004 to present

Forester Non Turbo - 2005 to present

Forester XT Turbo - 2004 to present

Legacy GT Turbo - 2005 to present

Legacy "UL Model" Non Turbo - 2004 Only

Legacy Non Turbo - 2005 to present

Subaru Impreza Non Turbo - 2005 to present

USDM STi - 2004 to present

USDM WRX - 2006 to present

JDM Forester Turbo - 2004 to present

Tribeca - 2006 to 2014

iWire has also created a solution to one of the most common issues when swapping a car from cable throttle to DBW - the pedal! Check out our Drive By Wire Pedal Adapter Bracket.

Swap Options:

Cable Throttle to Cable Throttle: Going from cable throttle to another cable throttle engine is generally very simple.

Cable Throttle to DBW: Swapping your engine from cable throttle to drive by wire is a straight forward process with our merge services and a pedal adapter bracket. It can be slightly complicated when doing DIY.

DBW to Cable Throttle: Going from drive by wire to a cable throttle setup can be done but does create a few issues with the pedal and cruise control.

DBW to DBW: Drive by wire to drive by wire swaps allow you to keep your current pedal set and cruise control working.

iWire also sells replacement DBW Plugs:

2004+ Drive By Wire Throttle Body Plug

2004-2006 Drive By Wire Pedal Plug

2007+ Drive By Wire Pedal Plug

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