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Plug Spotlight - Coil Pack Plugs

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Subaru Black and White Coil Pack Replacement Plugs


Zip Tied Coil Pack Plug

New Coil Pack Plug

Subaru Coil Pack Plug OEM Replacement

What It Does: The coil pack plug attaches to, you guessed it, the coil pack. This gives a signal which triggers your spark plug to fire.

Cars It Works On: All EJ turbo and EZ 6cyl Subaru models from 2002-2010 including Impreza WRX, Impreza STi, Forester XT, Tribeca, and Legacy. Also great for EJ20G to modern coil pack conversions.

How to Know if you Have an Issue: Some misfires are easier to diagnose than others. First step, check your connectors. With a simple visual inspection it would be easy to spot a cracked, broken, or disintegrating coil pack plug that could be the issue and should be replaced.

Note: White coil pack plugs (cylinders 1 and 2) are located in the front of your Subaru and Black coil pack plugs (cylinder 3 and 4) are located in the back of your Subaru.

Watch iWire's How To Video on Replacing a Coil Pack Plug

White Coil Pack Plug Replacements

Black Coil Pack Plug Replacements

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