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VW, Porsche, Sandrail, Kit Car, and Subaru Race Car Wiring Options

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

In this post we discuss the wiring options for doing a Subaru powered car like a race car, Porsche, Bug, Vanagon, Buggy, etc.

In order to better serve our customers we have come up with a few different harness levels. The off the shelf harness options are for 2.0 liter turbo engines only from 2002-2005 USDM and 2001-2006 JDM WRX and STi platforms. If you have another type of engine, we can still help with the harness but the full custom harness would be the only option at this time. Please note that the ECU and FPC are not included with any of these harnesses but can be supplied.

Compatible Engines:

- 2002-2005 USDM WRX (EJ205 without AVCS)

- 2001-2006 JDM WRX (EJ205 with AVCS)

- 2001-2006 JDM STi (EJ207 with AVCS)

Example 2004 WRX powered VW Bug or JDM STi powered RS Race car

1. DIY Option

This option is designed for someone looking to do a full DIY wiring harness. We've striped down the bulkhead harness and given the customer a head start. Great for those with damaged or corroded wiring harnesses or didn't get one at all since this harness is built brand new from scratch. This option does not come with technical support from iWire but does include a full wiring schematic for the harness and general in car layout.

Price: $699.99

Turn Around Time: 1 Day

To purchase: Click here

2. Off the Shelf Complete Harness Kit Option

This option is designed for someone with a basic amount of wiring knowledge. It is a standardized harness that is sleeved and includes a weather proof fusebox and just about all of the basic needs covered. This harness has pre-determined lengths so depending on the application it may not be a perfect fit but there will be plenty of slack for most any project. It is up to the customer to connect some of the loose leads including gauge cluster, speed sensor, radiator fans, etc. but comes with instructions and basic tech support from iWire.

Features Included:

Weather proof fusebox that contains all of the key fuses including radiator fan and fuel pumps.

Circuit breaker and battery connect to tie into the alternator circuit.

OBD2 Port and test mode for reading codes and reflashing the ECU with a COBB Accessport (USDM ECUs) or Opensource Software (JDM ECUs).

Plugs for fuel pump controller.

Leads for gauge cluster, coolant temp, oil pressure, speed sensor, radiator fans, fuel pumps, etc.

Price: $1499.99

Turn Around Time: 1-2 Weeks

To purchase: Click Here

3. Custom Option

This option is a custom built wiring harness for your vehicle with all components necessary for a complete ECU to engine harness. Although similar in setup to the option above we can utilize just about any engine platform beyond the 2.0 WRX and STi. We suggest this route for customers with little to no wiring experience and want the highest quality fit and finish. Harness lengths will match perfectly for your project because we will get exact dimensions for your application and build it to those specifications. Your custom harness can work with just about any Subaru engine desired and can be built with an OEM or standalone ECU in mind. Although there are a few wires to hook up in the car, our custom harnesses come with full technical support from iWire so if you have any issues during install or down the road, we're here to help.

Price: Starting at $3499.99 (price varies based on features desired)

Turn Around Time: 1-2 Months

To purchase: Contact Us

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