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Brian has been interested in electronics and cars since a young age. It was only fitting that at 18, upon graduating high school, he began working on cars while attending college. He started working with wires and found he had a knack for it. 


In 2008, after years of experience within the car industry, he decided to open a wiring company focused on good service and transparency - iWire. Originally starting in his garage, Brian worked tirelessly to build his business and engineer a better wiring product. Now he has a shop of his own and staff to help facilitate his dream.


Over the years Brian's knowledge and passion for the specialty has continued to grow. Today he continues to work with customers, cars, and wiring always pursuing new ways to make a better wiring harness and maintain iWire's famed high standard of service. 

Brian Keene - "Keener"

Founder and Owner of iWire


Brian's Worst Nightmare : "Packing peanuts are the scurge of the universe. They should be illegal! "

Brian's Daily Driver: 98 Impreza 2.5 RS with 3.6 H6, Zeal coil overs, 5 x 114.3 hubs with Brembo brakes, V6 STi wing, STi sports bumper, Prodrive GC-05 wheels, MRT hood scoop, and V7 seats. 

Whitney K. 

VP of Office Operations

Started in 2015

Whitney’s first passion is cooking but after dating Brian, eventually getting married, and pulled into the now family business, she’s discovered her love of Subarus. “It’s really fun to see how Subarus bring so many different types of people together. Subaru people just have so much passion about their car.” While she probably won’t be turbo charging a Subaru of her own, she’s happy to continue helping customers build the cars of their dreams.

Whitney's Favorite Saying: "I'll be over here with the dog."

The (Tay) D.

Subaru Adapter Manufacturer

Started in 2018

The (Tay) first got into Subarus when he was 12 years old and saw the first STi that came to America. “I saw this blue car with a big wing and gold wheels and I thought, ‘I have to have that car.’” He did a little wiring on his own building computers and cables when he realized he was good at working with his hands. The always liked putting stuff together from cars to computers to bikes and the best part is the final result getting the satisfaction of seeing the finished product run.

The’s Favorite Part of iWire: Talking about Subarus all day. “I like fast cars and all and if I wanted a fast car that was all wheel drive with four doors I could have gotten an EVO, but at the end of the day I bought a STi because I’m a Subaru guy.”

The’s Daily Driver: 2012 STi World Rally Blue Hatchback Turbo with air oil separator, muffler delete, StopTech rotors, and Hawk HP Plus pads.  He also has a 2005 Silver Forester XT and he had a 1986 Toyota MR2 but it is now sold :(

Shaddow S.

Subaru Adapter Manufacturer

Started in 2019

Shaddow was a Go Kart racer and after watching rally races he got into Subaru. “I remember watching Colin McRae and the 555 car. Once I realized those same cars were on the road from rally, the love started developing from that”. After working on Subarus and doing some at home wiring on his RC Car he found iWire. Besides working on his car, Shaddow enjoys surfing, paddle boarding, and kart racing.

Shaddow’s Favorite Part of iWire: “I like that it’s professional, clean, there's a wealth of Subaru knowledge, and all the little things like AC that make this place a great place to work.”

Shaddow’s Daily Driver:

Original – 2006 WRX powered 2000 RS four door with Prodrive GC 06 wheels, Prodrive suspension, Prodrive lip, and P1 lights.

Current – 2001 Four Runner SR5 with 4 wheel drive and roof rack.

Sam N.

Subaru Adapter Engineer

Started in 2020

Sam was first interested in cars when he was 16 and his dad gifted him a flat blue 67 Mustang. He was in football at the time but when he made it to varsity his dad helped him rebuild the engine, “The new engine made it a bit dangerous to drive but it was fun.”

He realized he enjoyed wiring and electronics when he was doing some lighting work at his house. He became a certified electrician and later went back to school for his engineering degree. When he’s not designing products or fighting 3D printers at iWire he enjoys working on his car and playing the drums, especially heavy music with lots of double bass.

Sam's Daily Driver: 2015 Nissan Sentra (reluctantly) with federal 595 tires and looking for a 02-07 WRX (definitely iWire’s fault LOL).

Bob F. 

Stripping Operations

Started in 2012

Bob's Favorite Saying: "It's in my contract."

LeeLoo - "Loo"

VP of Shop Morale

Leeloo's Favorite Part of iWire: "Bark! Bark!"

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm PST


iWire is here to simplify your Subaru powered project, big or small. Focus on the mechanical aspects and we'll take care of the wiring headaches for you.

Lake Forest, CA





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