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iWire is here to simplify your Subaru powered project, big or small. Focus on the mechanical aspects and we'll take care of the wiring headaches for you.

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iWire products are proudly Made in America. 

DCCD Products

So, you're planning on replacing your transmission with one that features an adjustable center differential, fantastic! You’ll need one more piece to maximize the capabilities of your upgrade and get the longest life possible out of the new transmission, a DCCDPro DCCD Controller. A DCCD Controller provides longevity, performance, and may be a requirement for dyno tuning.

If you want to learn more about DCCD check out our FAQ page What is DCCD?

DCCDPro Options

There are three tiers of DCCD controller offered by DCCDPro:

DCCDPro Manual - A basic controller that manually adjusts the differential.

DCCDPro Spiider - The Spiider has manual control as well as a mode for the computer to automatically adjust the differential based on road conditions. It can also display the current mode and setting on a gauge cluster that has this feature.

DCCDPro Spiider Plus - Spiider Plus is the advanced version of the controller that utilizes additional sensor inputs to automatically adjust the differential based on road conditions.

iWire has developed a number of plug and play options to make installation as easy as possible.

If you need help deciding which is best for your project we're happy to assist so please send us a message and we'll match you with the controller that best fits your project.

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