Subaru Harness Merging

You'll send us the body wiring harnesses from your car and the car that matches the engine you plan to use. We'll send you back a custom plug and play harness that keeps the amenities of your car while adding features from your new engine and matching factory ECU. 

"Subaru made it bolt right up, iWire makes it plug right in."

Harness Pictures and Reviews

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customer review - harness
customer review - harness

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03 Forester to 2.0 WRX
03 Forester to 2.0 WRX

Build #804

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Harness Merge Pricing

Into 93-07 Impreza/Legacy (except 05+)/Forester/Baja Chassis

​JDM/EDM V1-6 (1993-2000) - $630 


JDM/EDM 2001+ - $705


USDM WRX (2002-2005) - $705



                         - $100 additional for RHD to RHD swaps

                         - $85 additional for swaps with an OBD2 engine in an OBD1 chassis

                         - $85 additional for merges into 2002+ chassis

USDM WRX (2006-2007) - $780


USDM STi (2004) - $730


USDM STi (2005–2007) - $780

Optional Add-Ons

Cobb Accessport - $650

     - Inquire about package deals 

     - Other COBB products we carry include boost controller, downpipe, heatshield, SF intake, SF intake with airbox, and uppipe. Visit our online store for product details and price.


DCCD via a DCCDPro 

     - DCCDPro Manual Controller - $219

     - DCCDPro Spiider Auto/Manual Controller No Cluster - $395 

     - DCCDPro Spiider Auto/Manual Controller With Cluster - $460

     - DCCD Roller Switch ($85) and Auto/Manual Button ($55) - $130 for the pair

     - DCCD Plug and Play Kits - $149.99. See our options here.

     - Vehicle Speed Sensor Extension Harness - $34.99

V1-6 Factory DCCD (this is manual only) - $180

Add in AVCS Bulkhead Wiring - $200 (Only for USDM 2.0 WRX harness, running 2001+ JDM STi) Price Includes iWire AVCS Wiring Kitand labor to install.


Manual Intercooler Water Spray - $100

Cluster swap - $180


Auto Intercooler Water Spray (includes auto and manual - only for V3 and up JDM STi) - $180


Cruise Control for DBW Cars - $100

-Non DBW cars will reuse factory setup (cable-throttle vehicles include cruise control by default)


Auto to Manual (As part of a merge) - $110

iWire Designed Mechanical Parts including GC to GD Radiator Shroud and DBW Pedal Adapter Bracket

iWire Plug and Play Harnesses including Speed Density, Transmission Adapters, and More!

Turn Around Time

Standard turnaround time is subject to change based on the volume of rush fees, but 4-6 weeks can be expected for non rushed orders. Please let us know your project time frame and we will do our best to work with you.

Rush Fee - $200 (About 1 week turnaround)