Factory Five 818 Wiring Kit Customer Reviews


"I tried iWire's competition and was very disappointed. Another friend with an 818 said they used you. Glad I followed his advice! Harness came back looking great and was easy to install."

"I would like to chime in that sending my harness/ECU to iWire saved my butt by finding some problems with the donor ECU that I would not have identified. They were able to help me get all the problems resolved and save me who knows how long identifying possible problems down the road. To rap it up, sending the harness off is easy and in return you get a tested turn key electrical system."

"The factory five 818 comes with no instructions on putting the wiring together, it’s nuts. I’m glad I bought your harness, you are quite the expert about the entire car."

"You all deserve every bit of the success. My iWire kit (and post support!) for my 818 took weeks off my build. The increase in long term reliability alone would be worth the price."



"I believe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is working! Thanks so much for your help, you saved me a huge amount of troubleshooting time. Good thing I waited to hear back from you before I started spicing wires."

"I received my harness on Friday, top notch, very high quality. I have not had a chance t install the harness yet, need to do some more work, but I did some engine work and I attached the harness to engine and battery and I was able to fire up the engine standalone. Nice job Brian! Harness I sent weighed 49lbs, the harness I got back was 23lbs (all connector, modules, fuse boxes, etc.). I'm 200% pleased with the work that you have done."

"I decided to have iWire build the harness for me after I spent at least 40 hours "dieting" the factory harness, only to be left with a mess of wires that were still all the wrong length and going to the wrong places. Instead of investing another 40+ hours of my time (and probably screwing it up) I called iWire and was immediately impressed with your knowledge and attitude. After talking with you, deciding to have you build my harness was a no-brainer. I only wish I had done it sooner. One of the most satisfying parts of this whole process was stuffing my old harness into a box and shipping it to you, knowing it would come back set up perfectly for my 818. The workmanship in this harness is simply outstanding and working with you to get it done was a real pleasure."

"Received wiring harness yesterday. It is well made with top notch components. Well worth the wait. Thanks for workmanship!"

"You guys are awesome. I don't think I have ever been this impressed with something. We would both like to extend our deepest gratitude to you. We will be your humble customers for life."

"Good call on giving iWire a shot at your harness. You will be very pleased with his work and it's really worth it."

"Cant wait to get it. I do believe this is the way to go. I've wasted enough time trying to get my harness to fit. Thanks for offering this service!!"

"Brian is an awesome guy, he's totally helpful even with his busy schedule. Hugely helpful long before I decide to stop doing the wiring myself and switch to his harness."

"iWire did an amazing job building my harness for my 818s. They were friendly and easy to deal with. They did exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the great work!!"

"Plugged in the wires, turned on the key. Started right up.

Doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for your help."

"Brian, I am looking forward to installing the harness now......quite different from how I felt about trying to do a nice job installing the factory harness! It is like a pressure has been lifted from my shoulders (and I am an electrical engineer!) The new enclosure looks awesome and really finishes off your product. I like how you seem to be constantly trying to improve and refine what your offer. Cant wait!"

"I can't even imagine people building these without  your harness; especially people that aren't good at this like me."

"I will say that I spent about 30 minutes laying out the harness on the floor then about 2 hours routing it in the car and the car started.


2 months of wire diet, $ for more wire, $ for tape, $ for burn ointment, and an unspecified amount of frustration with Subaru wiring and their color code.  When I do this again, your harness will be in the budget from the beginning."

"Wow, this is exactly the kind of kit that would help an electrical layman like myself wire a car up. Using a donated car's rat's nest is simply not an option for me."